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Sunday, 28 November 2010

How to Make Soy Candles - Tips and Technique

How to Make Soy Candles - Tips and Techniques
By Carolyn Anderson

One of the great benefits of soy candles is its being environment friendly and safe as well. As the name suggests, soy candles are made from soybeans and thus burns a little cleaner than the usual candles made of paraffin wax and it releases white rather than black soot.

Moreover, soy candles also burn longer than the usual paraffin wax and they are also easy to make at home and in fact, you can learn how to make soy candles and make money out of it as soon as you have mastered the craft. If you are interested in soy candle making, here are a few things that you might find useful.

Soy candles are made from soybean wax which you can melt and mold. You can get a soybean way in a block form or in a flake form, which is easier to handle when it comes to melting and molding. You can also add fragrance to your candles by mixing your own secret ingredients to make your soy candles more personalized.

Here are other things that you may need if you want to learn how to make soy candles.

Wax dyes. Of course, to be able to make candles of different colors and designs, you have to have block dyes that you can melt with the soy wax or you can also have liquid dyes or dye chips for your candle products. You will also need a wick for your candles. Keep in mind that the bigger the candle you want to make, the bigger the wick that you will also need.

You will also need to have wax candle containers which will depend on the design of your choice. Of course, you have to make sure the containers are clean before you use them You may also need some other types of molds depending on the design you have in mind for your soy candle.

For the basic instructions on how to make soy candles, you just have to melt the soy wax in a double boiler or in a saucepan for about 175 degrees. Make sure that your wax does not reach a temperature of more than 230 degrees as this may lead to flames. You can then add the coloring for your wax as soon as the soy wax has all melted. Check out the color that you want for your was as well.

You can then add the fragrance for your candles as soon as you get your desired color. You can stir the fragrance with the melted wax and make sure to check out the correct proportion of the fragrance as well as the wax to make sure that the fragrance will emerge and allow it to spread evenly on your soy wax candle.

You can then pour the melted soy wax into the mold that you have prepared making sure as well that your wick is placed and secured in the center. You can also glue your wick to make sure it is secured in place. You can then let your soy wax candle dry overnight and you will find it ready for use after you have trimmed the wick.

Carolyn Anderson loves to do crafts and do-it-yourself projects. If you are interested in making an environmentally friendly candle, check out Guide to Soy Candlemaking. Also check out Stop Burning Time and Money, where you find tips on how to successfully run a candle business.

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Tuesday, 17 March 2009

How to Make Soy Candles Part 2

Part 2 of 2. How to make soy candles using a candle making kit from Zionsville Candle Company.

Sunday, 9 November 2008

Be Safe by Using Soy Candles

Be Safe by Using Soy Candles
By Ian A. Richardson

What do you think about when you go candle shopping? Do you think about the shape of the candles that will be best for your plans? What about the color of the candles? Maybe you think about what type of scents have been added to the soy candles you are considering? All of these are common questions that people ask when they are going candle shopping. But, what about how healthy are those candles for your family? If you don't ask that question, you should.

While you may think candles are just beautiful and decorative accents to your home, the kind of candles you have in your home could be lending themselves to risk the health of you and your family.

Dirty Air

Most of the economy candles on the market are made of paraffin. Paraffin is a petroleum product. This means that as soon as you light those candles and they start to burn you are not just getting a flame, but also soot.

Black soot that is released as paraffin candles burn has been found to be a carcinogen. That means it could contribute to the formation of cancer in the body.

While you may think that just lighting one candle now and again is not a big problem, you have to understand how black soot works. Once you have lit the candle and the soot makes it's way into the air, it doesn't go away. Soot is actually a sticky substance that will start attaching to everything in your home - walls, ceiling, tables, furniture, drapes and anything else around.

The black soot will essentially pile up in your home and be constantly in the air, being breathed in by you and members of your family.

Remember, coal is a petroleum product. Would you burn that in your house? Do you really want to take a risk of putting hazardous materials into the air of your home?

One more thing to keep in mind with paraffin candles is not only that it is a petrolrum based product, but also that there are a number of other chemicals that are used in the making of paraffin candles that also may be released into the air as you burn them.

You may be wondering what your option is. Do you have to give up candles altogether? No. The better option is to use soy candles.

Soy candles are completely natural. This means when you light soy candles you are not going to be releasing carcinogenic black soot into the air of your home. Everything that is coming off of the candles is natural and safe to release into your home and the environment.

This is not to say there is no soot from soy candles, there is. It is just a different kind of soot. It is called white soot and is not known to be the negative health threat that the soot from paraffin candles can be. Additionally, there is much less of the white soot released in the burning of soy candles than there is of black soot from paraffin candles.

Across the board, soy candles are the safer option for your family and the environment.

Ian Richardson is the co-owner of Soy Magic, a soy candle making business in the Blue Mountains of NSW Australia. In the past he could never burn scented candles in the same room, he thought it had something to do with the scent. It turns out that is was actually the paraffin wax because when he started burning Soy Candles (scented) he never had a headache again. To find out more about Soy Candles visit Soy Magic.

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

How to Make Soy Candles Part 1

Part 1 of 2. How to make soy candles using a candle making kit from Zionsville Candle Company.

Saturday, 25 October 2008

Soy Candles

Soy Candles
By Max Bellamy

The recent years have seen a growing demand for soy candles. These candles are made from soy wax, which contains hydrogenated soybean oil as its chief ingredient. Soy wax was developed in 1992 by an American candle-maker named Michael Richards. He was looking for a cheaper material that could be used in place of beeswax for making candles. Using a blend of vegetable oils, he succeeded in creating an alternative to beeswax. Soy candles were first launched in the market in 1995 by the Body Shop chain of stores. Being inexpensive and stylish, they gradually gained popularity. Soy candles quickly found their way to the supermarkets and specialty stores across the nation.

Soy candles are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and scents. Many candle makers offer custom made candles to suit the preferences of their customers. Soy candles are ideal for home, office, and spas. These candles, equipped with special scents, are often used for aromatherapy. Soy candles can be easily made at home. The ingredients necessary for making soy candles are available in most stores. The materials are even available from craft supply Web sites and in hobby shops. The popularity of these candles chiefly rests on their natural ingredients, which are biodegradable. They are therefore preferred over paraffin-based candles, which are environmentally more damaging.

Soy candles have many more advantages over paraffin candles. They burn 35 to 50 percent longer. Their low melting point assures slower and cooler burning, which helps in the better distribution of fragrance. These candles produce less soot, making them a healthier option. Moreover, these candles do not increase the carbon dioxide level of the atmosphere, making them more attractive to environmentally conscious people. Compared to paraffin candles, their non-toxic nature causes fewer allergies. They are therefore perceived as more child- and animal-friendly. Another major factor in the popularity of soy candles is the relative ease with which their spills can be cleaned. While paraffin wax is difficult to remove from furniture or clothes, soy wax can be easily cleaned using hot, soapy water.

Soy Candles provides detailed information on Soy Candles, Soy Wax Candles, Wholesale Soy Candles, Scented Soy Candles and more. Soy Candles is affiliated with Discount Yarn.

Saturday, 11 October 2008

Natural Soy Candles - Baskets of Benefits

Natural Soy Candles - Baskets of Benefits
By Funmi Ogboye

Soy - the new wonder ingredient for candles

Do you love scented candles but hate black soot and the aroma of petrol that you get from paraffin wax candles? Are you annoyed by expensive candles that burn very fast and lose their scent quickly? Switching your usual candles for natural, soy wax candles will increase your enjoyment of candles immeasurably.

So what's the secret of soy?

•Soy candles are clean burning, so by choosing them you can say goodbye to the black stains you get on walls and furniture when you burn candles made from paraffin wax and hello to clean air.

•Unlike paraffin based wax candles where most scents are lost after an hour soy candles have a "wonderful scent throw" which means the fragrance fills your room with a strong and lasting scent.

•Did you know that a scented soy candle lasts 50% longer than one with a petroleum base, as paraffin burns much faster? So, by opting for soy, you can enjoy the sensual pleasures of candlelight and fragrance for so much longer.

•If you love the environment as well as candles, then soy can combine two of your passions. Soy candles are made from hydrogenated soybean oil, extracted from soya beans. This is a natural, renewable and biodegradable source; making soy wax candles the eco-friendly choice.

•Soy wax candles make the best carriers for essential oils, making them the best aromatherapy candle to buy; this is because they do not have negative effects such as they do not release toxins or soot thus you are left to enjoy the therapeutic effects of the essential oil. By comparison, paraffin wax candles releases soot as well as 11 toxins two of which are carcinogenic. As a consequence, combining paraffin wax candles with essential oils is a bit of a contradiction - as the negative effects of the paraffin wax negates the therapeutic benefits of the essential oils.

•It's a little known fact that paraffin wax burns at a higher temperature than soy wax. Soy burning cooler means if you accidentally spill soy wax onto your hands, you won't suffer from redness or blistering. Soy wax candles, therefore, are the safest type of candles to burn in homes with children.

•Unlike the paraffin wax, soy wax is water-soluble. Again, this is good news in families with children or pets. You can burn soy wax candles without fear of curious little fingers tipping wax onto your favorite tablecloth, as any soy wax spillages can easily be washed out using just soap and water.

My name is Funmi Ogboye and I am the founder of Sentelle. Sentelle is a London based company that specializes in soy candles. Soy candles are clean-burning, healthy and environmentally friendly. With soy candles, as with all of the finer things in life, its important to go for quality. If you want the best , choose 100% soy wax candles like Sentelle scented soy candles, they are made from high quality soy wax. Sentelle stocks four beautifully packaged elegant glass jars and pillars in a variety of fragrances and colours to suit different moods and rooms. With sentelle soy candles you can say goodbye to stains on walls and home interiors and hello to clean air in your home.

To find out more and also sign up for our newsletter please visit

Natural Soy Candles - Baskets of Benefits

Saturday, 4 October 2008

Making Christmas Candles and Candle Making Tips

Making Christmas Candles and Candle Making Tips
By Kaye Dennan

Candle making produces a product that is so popular and desired by so many people. Many people love to have them as decorative item, while others like to have them burning all the time. Perfumed candles are the most popular candles for home as they provide a long lasting aroma.

This is not an expensive hobby to set up and the wax to make the candles is not really very costly either. If you use good quality fragrances you will find them a little more expensive initially, but as they are concentrated you do not use very much and they do have have a much better throw off perfume. If you are making candles to sell then I would definitely recommend you use the better quality fragrance because you will be looking for repeat business.

Prepare your molds well so that you candles do not look messy.

Do this step before you start melting your wax. Make sure the molds are clean with wicks in place, and ready for warming before you pour. Warm molds will prevent you from having 'pour marks' down the side of your molds.

Glass molds MUST be heated before being poured into. Put them into a cold oven and bring the temperature up to 150 degrees. At this temperature you should not have any problems with breaking glass. For safety sake, anyway, it is suggested that you use slightly thicker glass. Stay away from the very thin fragile glass because you don't want them to break when they are burning.

Second pour of wax.

To prevent a drop in the top of your finished candles you will need to top up your candles (a second pour), when your wax in the mold is cool to touch. Heat the second pour of wax (making sure to give it a couple of minutes good stirring) to approximately 10 degrees hotter than your first pour, then top up your candles. If you do this, and your candles were left to get cool enough, the top should remain nice and flat after the second pour. But, if you do a second pour when the original wax is still too warm, the completed candle will have a nipple effect at the top.

It is important that when using colored wax that the second pour is done with some of the original wax or the color may not match.


It is possible to buy pre-tabbed and pre-waxed wicks, but it is up to you what you buy. Wicks are a very important part of candle making because of the burn factor. You will need to research this, especially if you are making more novelty candles. You will get plenty of help from a good supplier.

Flat Candle Base

If the base of your candle is not flat simply place it on a hot pan surface and melt it down so that it is flat.

Christmas Candles

For Christmas candles you can of course use red and green wax and you can also use decorations to dress up any candles that you make. If you buy long taper candles you can roll white candles in red or green and use them for the table. There are various ways to add gold or silver to your candles as well. When making your own candles you can layer Christmas decorations on the outside of the candle. Just make sure that when you are using any decorations that they will not cause a fire hazard.

Kaye Dennan has spent many years as a craft teacher and has written an ebook on candle making which is absolutely loaded with 'must do' tips. The ebook takes you from your very first thought right through to a finished product. There are also some beginner projects to help you start. Candle Making - Start with Confidence can be purchased at

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