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Sunday, 28 November 2010

How to Make Soy Candles - Tips and Technique

How to Make Soy Candles - Tips and Techniques
By Carolyn Anderson

One of the great benefits of soy candles is its being environment friendly and safe as well. As the name suggests, soy candles are made from soybeans and thus burns a little cleaner than the usual candles made of paraffin wax and it releases white rather than black soot.

Moreover, soy candles also burn longer than the usual paraffin wax and they are also easy to make at home and in fact, you can learn how to make soy candles and make money out of it as soon as you have mastered the craft. If you are interested in soy candle making, here are a few things that you might find useful.

Soy candles are made from soybean wax which you can melt and mold. You can get a soybean way in a block form or in a flake form, which is easier to handle when it comes to melting and molding. You can also add fragrance to your candles by mixing your own secret ingredients to make your soy candles more personalized.

Here are other things that you may need if you want to learn how to make soy candles.

Wax dyes. Of course, to be able to make candles of different colors and designs, you have to have block dyes that you can melt with the soy wax or you can also have liquid dyes or dye chips for your candle products. You will also need a wick for your candles. Keep in mind that the bigger the candle you want to make, the bigger the wick that you will also need.

You will also need to have wax candle containers which will depend on the design of your choice. Of course, you have to make sure the containers are clean before you use them You may also need some other types of molds depending on the design you have in mind for your soy candle.

For the basic instructions on how to make soy candles, you just have to melt the soy wax in a double boiler or in a saucepan for about 175 degrees. Make sure that your wax does not reach a temperature of more than 230 degrees as this may lead to flames. You can then add the coloring for your wax as soon as the soy wax has all melted. Check out the color that you want for your was as well.

You can then add the fragrance for your candles as soon as you get your desired color. You can stir the fragrance with the melted wax and make sure to check out the correct proportion of the fragrance as well as the wax to make sure that the fragrance will emerge and allow it to spread evenly on your soy wax candle.

You can then pour the melted soy wax into the mold that you have prepared making sure as well that your wick is placed and secured in the center. You can also glue your wick to make sure it is secured in place. You can then let your soy wax candle dry overnight and you will find it ready for use after you have trimmed the wick.

Carolyn Anderson loves to do crafts and do-it-yourself projects. If you are interested in making an environmentally friendly candle, check out Guide to Soy Candlemaking. Also check out Stop Burning Time and Money, where you find tips on how to successfully run a candle business.

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